• 32 pcs carbon folders for the car's documentation,
  • Exterior and interior fitted with original parts of the Gullwing,
  • 4 pcs Erwin Sattler watch winder for automatic watches,
  • VdS III. High-Security Safe for the car keys,
  • Interior upholstered with Alcantara,
  • Tablet with a special digital clock in style of 300 SL cockpit,
  • Own iOS Application for the open/close of the safe, moving the watch winders, incl. complete documentation of the owned Gullwing, etc.

Dimensions and Weight

  • External D. (H x W x D):
    • Closed: 2100 x 1200 x 820 mm
    • Opened: 2550 x 2200 x 820 mm
  • Weight:
       ca 800 kg


Illésházi u. 18.

H-5600 Békéscsaba


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